Graduate Community Fellows

The Graduate Community Fellows program offers a sustained and systematic method of building graduate community at MIT, especially in the directions of interest for the OGE. In addition, the Fellows have the opportunity to interact intimately with administrators, advocate for student interests, and gain valuable leadership experience. — former Fellow

Graduate Community Fellows are a cadre of graduate students who work on projects and assignments that enhance graduate community in unique ways. Each Fellow reports to a staff member in the OGE or in a partner organization, and focuses on a specific project. Current positions are listed below; details about each position are found on the “Current Fellow positions” page.

  • Addir – MIT Interfaith Dialogue (on hold)
  • Career Advising & Professional Development (OPEN)
  • Celebrating Graduate Students (filled)
  • Committed to Caring (filled)
  • Community Wellness at MIT Medical (filled)
  • Financial Literacy (filled)
  • GradLink and Programs for Graduate Student Support (filled)
  • Graduate Student Life Grants (filled)
  • Graduate Student Surveys & Data Analysis (filled)
  • Graduate Student Council Creative Media Manager (filled)
  • Institute Community & Equity Office Programming/Events (filled)
  • Institute Community & Equity Office Communications (OPEN)
  • Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office (filled)
  • International Students Office Publicity/Communications (filled)
  • International Students Office Programming and Events (filled)
  • Language Conversation Exchange (filled)
  • MindHandHeart: Communications (filled)
  • MindHandHeart: Department Support Project (on hold)
  • OGE Diversity Initiatives Community/Retention (OPEN)
  • OGE Diversity Initiatives Recruitment (filled)
  • OGE Programs for Women (on hold)
  • PKG Center – Social innovation (on hold)
  • REFS Program Support (OPEN)
  • Violence Prevention & Response Programming Support (OPEN)

List current as of 9/16/2021

As a cadre, Fellows meet regularly to coordinate efforts, and to pool their observations and reflections. They have the opportunity to advise the OGE about the needs of the graduate student community, and serve as an important conduit for informing the OGE about the graduate student experience.

To serve as a Graduate Community Fellow, a graduate student must meet minimal eligibility requirements and agree to the terms of appointment (below). Appointment periods for Fellow positions vary.

To request funding for a Graduate Community Fellow in your area, submit a proposal.


Applications for open positions should be submitted to program administrator Jessica Landry.  They will be reviewed as they are submitted; positions will be filled ASAP.


  • All graduate students who are registered and in good standing in a full time degree program at MIT for the current academic year are eligible to apply. (An international student who has full support in the form of an RA or TA is not eligible during regular academic terms – see Graduate Policies and Procedures for more information.)
  • Fellows must be in residence in the Boston/Cambridge area for the term of their appointment. A student in nonresident doctoral thesis research status, or thesis-in-absentia status, is not eligible to apply.
  • Renewal of a fellow appointment is not automatic. Current or previous fellows who wish to be renewed should speak with their supervisor.

Terms of appointment

  • The typical Graduate Community Fellow position runs September 1 through May 31; however, other term lengths are possible depending upon the nature of the position. See position descriptions for position-specific information.
  • Graduate Community Fellows will receive a stipend of $675 per month for the duration of the appointment period as compensation for an average of 10 hours a week. Duties are outlined in each Fellow’s position description.
  • A Fellow can be dismissed prior to the end of the appointment for conduct considered detrimental to the Office of Graduate Education, or for failure to live up to their responsibilities as a Fellow. Should a Fellow be dismissed, the payment of their stipend will cease. If the OGE and a Fellow’s supervisor determine that the Fellow has accepted GCF stipend payments during a time period in which the position responsibilities were not met, the OGE may pursue reimbursement of the stipend payment from the Fellow.
  • Fellows will have access to office equipment and supplies in the Office of Graduate Education on a limited basis.