GradDiversity: The “whole you” at MIT

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At MIT, we strive to celebrate and support the whole student.

Your unique perspective is part of what makes you a valuable addition to this community, so we have support structures for your interconnected identities — including students of color, women, LBGTQ+ students, first-generation grad students, students with disabilities, and students with children.

GradDiversity: Connecting the “whole you” at MIT

It’s our honor to congratulate you on your admission to MIT! Deciding your best fit for graduate education is an important decision, and we hope you will consider MIT as your new academic home.

Graduate life at MIT will undoubtedly be a transformative experience, one that will challenge you to hone the ideas and perspective that only you can bring. Throughout your studies, we look forward to the unique contributions you will make, for we know that your fearless pursuit of knowledge will contribute to our mission of building a better world.

​​Whether you’re enrolling as a Master’s or Doctoral student, it takes a village, and the Office of Graduate Education takes pride in being your advocate and resource.

We hope you will choose to attend MIT this fall and join an exceptional cohort of emerging scholars who enrich our community with their minds, hands, and hearts. We look forward to meeting you soon.

In community,
Denzil, Leo, Noelle, and Maria

Get your questions answered

GradDiversity events

GradDiversity events center people of color, are queer- and trans-affirming, value first-generation students, and welcome those of all abilities and bodies, but please note that space is limited.

OGE GradDiversity Office Hours
In Person: 3-107
Virtual: Register Here

March 1, 11 AM – 1 PM ET
March 14, 3 PM – 5 PM ET
March 20, 10 AM – 12 PM ET
April 5, 1 PM – 3 PM ET

Student of Color Panel
March 12, 5:30 – 6:30 PM ET | Virtual | Register
A panel discussion featuring graduate students representing various departments/identities.

Faculty of Color Panel
March 19, 5:30 – 6:30 PM ET | Virtual | Register
A panel discussion featuring faculty representing various departments/identities.

Departmental events

Your department will reach out about visit days and other opportunities to learn more about the culture and people of MIT.

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Follow us on your favorite social media platform to experience more of the flavor of MIT and to hear about event updates, resources, and ways to get connected as an admitted student – and beyond.

Connect with student organizations and support offices

MIT has hundreds of organizations for you to get involved in, including groups and campus offices centered on shared experiences and identities – such as organizations for first-generation graduate students, the LBGTQ+ community, women, students with disabilities, students of color, and more.

The OGE is thrilled to celebrate all students of color and to help them connect with one another and to various networks. We kick off each year with a Graduate Students of Color Welcome Event, and host events throughout the year to facilitate networking and community.

Offices that can support your success

The Office of Graduate Education, GradDiversity is here as a partner on your MIT journey. We support the success of underrepresented and under-served graduate students through a series of programs designed to strengthen recruitment, enhance the community, and ignite the development of academic, leadership, and professional skills.

Together with the Institute Community and Equity Office (ICEO) and our faculty, staff, and students from across the Institute, we are committed to fostering a more inclusive and caring climate that intellectually engages and values all members of our MIT community. 

We have compiled a resource sheet with the many MIT offices designed to support your journey. Check out all the ways to connect with the broader MIT community!

Student voices: Get to know your future neighbors

The Grad Blog

Why choose MIT? Our own graduate students have asked themselves this question, and have shared their thoughts through insightful blog posts. On the blog, diverse students explore topics from choosing an advisor to balancing mental health and wellness.

Graduate Diversity Ambassadors

Congratulations, you made it to MIT! We’re sure you have a lot of emotions about your admissions offer and probably have some questions. But worry not; the Graduate Diversity Ambassadors are here to help! 

As students ourselves, we are happy to chat with you about all aspects of being a graduate student at MIT. No question is too small, and even if we don’t know the exact answer, you can bet we know someone who does. From work-life balance to figuring out the general vibes of Cambridge and Boston, we were all once in your position, and our goal is to make your transition as smooth as possible. You can find our contact information on our profiles.

In addition to reaching out directly to us, there are a number of other virtual opportunities to learn more about graduate school at MIT from current community members. Take a look at the events section and sign up for one or all of the events!

We’ll welcome you with open arms into our community of scholars from diverse backgrounds and identities and hope to see you this fall at the Graduate Students of Color Welcome event!

MIT Graduate Diversity Ambassadors