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Graduate education is a journey of constant growth, as students stretch to meet each new experience. We’re here to help you challenge yourself, to energize your self-care practice, and to support you in times of difficulty. We also point to many resources around diversity and community.

So, how can we help? Find a staff member who can dialogue with you on a broad range of topics. Read more about GradSupport, where you can find individual support on topics such as a personality conflict with your roommate, an awkward departmental situation, or whether or not you need to take a medical leave of absence. Peruse our development pages on entrepreneurship and careers for resources when and where you need them.

Visit the site to find additional information on a range of resources that are here to help you. MIT Graduate Assistance & Information Network (GAIN) is also available 24/7, providing confidential support for personalized services and referrals on legal, work/career, parenting, financial, home/daily living, and wellness. To get connected, call 844-MIT-GAIN (844-648-4246).


Pause your day for ten minutes of mindfulness with the MIT community. Offered every day during campus disruptions.

DAPER Virtual Fitness

Find free virtual fitness classes through DAPER’s on demand YouTube Videos .

Online Support Groups

MIT Student Mental Health and Counseling offers ongoing teletherapy groups for MIT students, including Coping with Microaggressions Toolkit, Managing Stress Around Covid-19, ADHD Information and Skill Group, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Self-Compassion Toolkit.


You can always dial (617) 253-CALM (day or night) for a short, guided meditation to de-stress.

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We are here to help. Please contact us at, or call (617) 253-4860.

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