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Find forms for late Add/Drop/Change, general petitions, nonresident status, medical leave, childbirth accommodation, etc.

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GradSupport provides one-on-one support for personal concerns including faculty/student relationships, changing your advisor, and excused absences.

Financial assistance

Emergency funding, Grant for Grad Students with Children, Guaranteed Transitional Support, Long-Term Financial Hardship Funding, and more

Application fee waivers

Find eligibility requirements and instructions.

Now open: Graduate Student Experience Grants applications

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Now open: Graduate Student Experience Grants applications

Have a creative idea for how to improve the graduate student experience at MIT? Apply for a Graduate Student Experience Grant by July 31! This grant is ideal for events starting in the Fall semester.

Apply by July 31

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Talking to myself through a reverse to-do list

Communication is the most important skill I have developed in grad school. The types of communication we usually think about are technical and interpersonal communication, such as publishing and presenting your research, or communicating with your advisor. However, one type of communication I overlooked in my first year was communicating to myself.  As a first […]

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