2015: George Chen and Ramesh Sridharan

George Chen and Ramesh Sridharan receive their awards

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

In a class called “Introduction to Inference,” George and Ramesh did a wonderful job of making things go smoothly. Throughout much of the semester, George and Ramesh suggested the majority of problem sets, prepared much of the recitation material, developed some very exciting projects, proofread the lecture notes, and interacted with every single student.

As a team Ramesh and George went above and beyond what can be reasonably expected from a good TA. They were always friendly, helpful and approachable, and invested an immeasurable amount of effort into making 6.S080 a positive experience for everyone involved.

One nominator observed, “George was particularly resourceful in helping us structure the course. He suggested using Kahn Academy-style videos, and developed with Ramesh a full set of supplementary video tutorials, which proved to be very helpful to the students. Ramesh, on the other hand, knew every student to the level that he knew exactly what he or she needed.”

MIT congratulates George Chen and Ramesh Sridharan.