Professional development

Professional development

The MIT Career Advising & Professional Development Office (CAPD) has staff and resources dedicated to serving PhD and Master’s students pursuing both academic and industry career paths.

CAPD understands that, regardless of their career path, graduate students have unique and specific professional development interests. The office now offers staff and resources dedicated to serving PhD and Master’s students in multiple aspects of their professional development: career advancement, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership and mentoring, personal development, social responsibility, and teaching.  You can find all these resources on the CAPD Graduate Student Professional Development pages, and you can connect with dedicated staff members for professional development support.

The Experiential Learning Exchange (ELx) is a central portal for undergraduate and graduate students to find and apply for all types of Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) at MIT.

The Academics, Research, & Careers committee of the Graduate Student Council organizes a professional development skills workshop and offers a Professional Development Exploration Grant. This grant provides funding for students to explore a professional development opportunity in an area outside their academic or research focus.

To hear about upcoming events, sign up for the CAPD Graduate Career News list and the Graduate Student Council Professional Development email list.