Additional resources

We invite you to explore these other useful resources:

Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office (SOLE)

SOLE is a helpful resource on finance resources.

Graduate Student Council

The GSC is a rich source of information about current activities and issues of importance to graduate students, including funding, as well as contact information for the students who manage and participate in these efforts.

Council for the Arts

The Council offers funding for arts projects for MIT students, faculty, and staff through its Grants Program.

Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center

Visit the PKG Center’s web site, or their office in Room 4-104, for inspiration, insights, and suggestions for resources to aid public service efforts.

MIT MindHandHeart Innovation Fund

The MindHandHeart Innovation Fund seeks to leverage the enthusiasm and problem-solving skills of the MIT community to find new and inventive ways of increasing awareness about mental health, building communities of support, and promoting life skills.

Campus Activities Complex, Student Activities Office

The CAC Event Planning Guide is a thorough reference for planning, preparation, and running of events and programs.

Association of Student Activities

The ASA oversees student group activity and is the governing body of student groups on the MIT campus. They also maintain a comprehensive list of other funding sources for student groups on campus.