2013: Joe Steinmeyer and Tony Tao

Joe Steinmeyer receives his award  Tony Tao receives his award

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Aeronautics and Astronautics

Joe Steinmeyer places a high priority on making sure that each student he encounters has the best learning experience possible.

A graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Joe is highly regarded as an outstanding teacher by both his peers and his students.

He goes to great lengths to help his students succeed, and is also very personable. He demonstrates a love for the subject and is able to explain even complicated concepts to novices. 

One nominator wrote, “So many times in courses at MIT, we find ourselves in a routine where we simply do P-sets and attend lectures without taking a step back to look at the overall beauty of the subject at hand. Joe shook us out of that routine and helped us realize the real privilege we had to be learning such wonderful material.”

His sincere dedication and infectious passion make him a truly exceptional instructor and an absolutely invaluable part of the learning experience at MIT. We thank him for his exemplary performance and commitment in the classroom.

Tony Tao, is a born teacher in the eyes of all who observe and interact with him. A graduate student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tony’s passion for mentoring students is unmatched.

One nominator wrote, “In my 30 years of teaching at MIT, Tony is, by far, the most effective and committed Teaching Assistant that I have encountered.”

There is never a question, issue, or task that is too big or small for Tony.

One nominator observed that watching Tony in action in the lab during a busy period is a humbling experience. “The students line up for his help and he has the capability to simultaneously track and help several students at the same time.”

With his humor, intellect, engineering talent, and responsible behavior, he sets a strong professional model for our students.