Helpful links

General financial literacy resources

CGS GradSense for enhancing student financial education

Cash Course – Collection of online customizable financial tools provided by the National Endowment for Financial Education

Finding a budgeting tool that works for you – There are many free budgeting apps or websites with different features based on your needs – Government website that provides information, games, and fun facts about money, saving, and planning for the future

Bankrate – Debt management resource

Jumpstart Coalition – National coalition of organizations dedicated to improving financial literacy for students of all ages

International Gateway for Financial Education – Global clearinghouse on financial education that provides access to a comprehensive range of information, data, resources, research, and news on financial education issues and programs around the globe

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) financial workshop kits for college

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy (American Institute of CPAs) – Free resources to help teach financial management

Smart About Money – Financial health and fitness site

Mapping Your Future – Student financial planning, specifically dealing with student loan and debt management

Practical Money Skills – To help consumers and students of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance, Visa has partnered with leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions to develop the Practical Money Skills program

Kiplinger Magazine – Articles on personal finance, business, and investing advice from Kiplinger Magazine

Hands On Banking – Age-specific financial planning and literacy resources

Debt Slapped – Debt Management

U.S. Department of Education Financial Aid website

You Can Deal With It – Student Financial Aid and Debt Management

Federal Student Aid – National Student Loan data system

Annual Credit Report – Source for free credit reports authorized by the federal government

my Fico – Online credit report monitoring (paid site)