Grad Update

The Grad Update is a quarterly update from the Office of the Vice Chancellor with news, updates on programs and initiatives, and resources for MIT graduate students.

Grad Student Update: Fall 2022
The answer to “summer melt;” welcome to new students; Covid-19 this fall; Activities Fair; Lesson planning; MIT GAIN; Ad Hoc Committee on Grad Advising & Mentoring feedback; Grad Blog workshop
Grad Student Update: Spring 2022
Looking back & ahead; 2023 stipend rates; On civility; Employment sessions for internationals; Grant increase for grad students with children; MISTI International Festival
Charles river & skyline
Grad Student Update: Winter 2022
Get informed and vote; Changes in MIT’s senior leadership; Response to opinion in The Tech; On campus graduate housing opportunities; Visualize food resources at MIT.
Campus in the snow
Grad Student Update: Fall 2021
Slow down and relax; Boosting backup childcare; 3% Stipend increase; Welcoming new staff; FAQs about unionization; Managing Covid-19 at MIT this fall; HRS expanded services
Campus trees change colors
Grad Student Update: Summer 2021
Words of wisdom for the year; Return to full campus operations; Melissa Nobles becomes Chancellor; Local food & dining options; New CAPD website; Gender neutral pronouns
Three students walk across Killian Court toward the dome
Grad Student Update: Spring 2021
Turning the corner; New Vaccine requirement; AY2022 Stipend rates; Digital diplomas; Financial help; GSC Graduate research advising data; Supporting mental health and wellness
MIT sailboats on the Charles River
Grad Student Update: Winter 2021
Gratitude and commitment to students; Experiential Learning Exchange (ELx) Portal; Commencement news;
Winter view of Killian Court
Grad Student Update: Fall 2020
Mentoring and advising; Revised plans for spring; Research ramp up; Guidelines for holiday travel; Grad Tower at Site 4 opens
View of the sky from inside Thinker sculpure
Grad Student Update: Summer 2020
Virtual services; Orientation; Campus Guide; Campus access; Travel policies; Dining options; Introducing MIT Now
Summer trees and the dome
Grad Student Update: Spring 2020
Craving connection; AY2021 Stipend rates; Summer opportunities; Digital diplomas; GEL Program; Student Success Coaching Program
Arial view of campus
Grad Student Update: Winter 2020
Cultivating balance; Efforts to support grad families; New Faculty Peer Mentoring Program; MindHandHeart Department Support Project
Rowing team colorful pose
Grad Student Update: Fall 2019
Grad student roadmap; New DEI Module; GradSAGE; Grad Student Professional Development Week
Students picnic on the lawn
Grad Student Update: Spring 2019
Supporting student life and learning; Stipend rates; Commencement news; Plan a career workshop
Grad students with bamboo plants
Introducing a new grad e-letterSidney Pacific brunch volunteers