Sexual Assault Prevention online module

MIT is committed to working with all students to create a healthy and vibrant campus community. One aspect of this is to confront the important topics of sexual assault, harassment and relationship violence.

As a part of this ongoing effort, we have partnered with Vector Solutions to offer a Sexual Assault Prevention course customized to meet the needs of graduate students. It allows you to become familiar with MIT policies and resources while also providing training on critical prevention skills and strategies.

This course is required for all new, incoming graduate students, who will receive direct communication regarding deadlines and links to complete the training. Incoming students complete Part 1 of this online program in the summer prior to starting classes. Sexual Assault Prevention-Graduates Students (SAPG) takes approximately 1 hour to complete. It may be taken in multiple sittings.

Incoming students will be prompted to complete the brief Part 2 of the program at beginning of October.

Students who fail to complete Part 1 of these courses will be subject to a registration hold for Fall 2023.

If you have personal concerns about completing Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates, please contact Simi Ogunsanwo at for a waiver. You will not need to disclose any personal details.

If you have any issues accessing this course or have questions about it, please email

Instructions to access Sexual Assault Prevention online module

  1. Follow this link to the MIT Learning Center in Atlas; 
  2. You will be prompted to log in with your MIT Kerberos ID and password. You must have created your Kerberos ID to complete this course. Find out how here;
  3. Click on the Required training Sexual Assault Prevention: Grad Pt 1 or Pt 2 on the “My Training Needs” tab
  4. Within the Sexual Assault Prevention: Grad course description page, click the “Begin Course” button located at the bottom.


  1. Log into Atlas with your Kerberos ID;
  2. Click “Learning Center” from the menu (seen here on right);
  3. You will see Sexual Assault Prevention: Grad Pt 1 or Pt 2 course listed under your required courses on the “My Training Needs” tab;
  4. Within Sexual Assault Prevention: Grad course description page, click the “Begin Course” button located at the bottom.
  5. Follow this link to the MIT Learning Center in Atlas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will MIT use the information I provide in this training?

All survey responses are anonymous; the school will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ responses. Administrators will have access to student test scores, but like the surveys, will not have access to individual responses.

When am I supposed to take Part 2 of this course?

Part 2 will be available to you in October following the completion of Part 1. This is so that you have time to experience MIT in more depth before you take the survey in Part 2. The courses are designed to see what you know before you take them. The post-assessment in Part 2 checks your understanding after you have had time to process the material. This pre- and post-assessment helps MIT to determine if the courses are effective.

How do I access Part 2?

You will be emailed a link to Part 2 and it will be visible in the Learning Center under “My Training Needs” Click the “view course” link in the grey box to the right.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any additional questions, are experiencing technical issues with the courses, have concerns about taking the course, or questions about have questions about registration holds, email