Veterans of the US military can be found in every School at MIT, and in both the graduate and undergraduate student bodies.

According to self-reported data, we have about 200 US veterans at any time, predominantly as graduate students. A number of families of veterans and students currently serving in the military also live and study here. 

Our veterans bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to MIT that has been gained from their specialty in the military to include aviation, engineering, special operations, and logistics. MIT veterans hail from US military branches including, but not limited to, the US Air Force; the US Navy, including the US Marine Corps; the US Army; and the US Coast Guard. We also have veterans among our international students, who have served in the military in their home countries.

The Student Veterans Association (SVA) is a student organization committed to improving the experience of MIT student veterans by building a community for student veterans to connect, organize, and advocate. The SVA welcomes active duty, reserve, national guard, retired, veterans, international, and dependents from all branches of service.

MIT also has an office of Student Veteran Success, run by program administrator Liam Gale. Liam served in the Air Force as an enlisted aviator and emergency management specialist for just under 8 years. He holds a masters from UMass Lowell in homeland defense and from Simmons University in social work. His role is to be a direct point of contact for students, provide support, advocacy, and programming designed to improve the experience of veterans, students currently serving in the military, and military families who are studying at MIT. To reach Student Veteran Success, please email

Veteran benefits are administered through Student Financial Services, including the Yellow Ribbon program. Veterans are also eligible for an application fee waiver.

Hear from some MIT student veterans in this video: