Are you a graduate student at MIT looking for a rewarding summer experience while earning money? Consider becoming a Pod Leader for the MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP General).

About MSRP

This 9-week summer research program brings talented, underrepresented minority and underserved undergraduate students interested in pursuing doctoral education and who might benefit from engaging in a summer experience to MIT.

The overall cohort size is approximately 100 students; however, Pod Leaders will work in pairs to manage a small pod of approximately 10 student interns.

The program mission, history, and additional information can be found at

Pod Leader Responsibilities

Pod Leaders provide guidance and support to students outside of the lab or research group. They play an essential part in helping students thrive throughout the summer by providing academic support, helping students navigate MIT and their research experience, and building community through weekly meetings and events.

In collaboration with the Office of Graduate Education (OGE) staff, Pod Leaders work to ensure that students have a successful and productive experience at MIT.

The primary responsibilities for Pod Leaders include:

  • Coordinate weekly pod meetings with student interns and provide 1:1 guidance and feedback to ensure students complete various program requirements, including but not limited to research abstracts, statements of objectives, and scientific poster presentation
  • Externally monitor students’ progress and overall experience in their research group; help identify and remedy issues that may arise; and act as a liaison between the MSRP Assistant Director and Research Supervisors (graduate student and post-doc mentors)
  • Attend weekly program activities
  • Assist with additional administrative and event-related tasks as needed

Application Information

This page will be updated with more information when the summer 2022 hiring cycle begins. Applications will be due in spring 2022.

  • Commit 12 hours per week during MSRP
  • Receive a stipend 10 weeks (12 hours/week; 9 week summer program + 1 week training)