Summer research programs

MIT offers a variety of summer research opportunities for current undergraduate students interested in enhancing their education and developing their research skills to become competitive graduate applicants.  

Below is a selection of programs and research opportunities geared toward undergraduate students. For non-MIT programs, please visit for a searchable database of 650+ summer research programs in all STEM disciplines.

Broad Institute Summer Research Program (BSRP)

The Broad Summer Research Program (BSRP), funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, is a national program designed for undergraduate students who have a commitment to research and an interest in genomics.  The program has a strong record of success in helping students to nurture their passion for research and succeed in graduate school and scientific careers.

Please visit the Broad Summer Research Program website for further details.

CCHF Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP)

The Center for Selective C-H Functionalization (CCHF) Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students with a strong interest in the chemical sciences to conduct supervised research with a faculty mentor, graduate students, and postdocs within the Center’s extensive network.

Please visit the CSURP website for further details.

Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science Summer Research Program (E3S REU)

E3S REU is a 9-week summer residential program that offers rising juniors or seniors in Bachelor of Science or Engineering programs the opportunity to conduct research in the laboratories of E3S faculty. Participants of this competitive merit-based program undertake cutting edge electrical engineering, material science, physics and chemistry research projects.

Please visit the E3S REU website for further details.

Materials Science and Engineering Center (MSREC)

The Materials Science and Engineering Center collaborates with the Materials Processing Center to offer a nine-week summer research internship program. The objective of the program is to provide undergraduates with an opportunity to immerse themselves in exciting materials research as part of a team of graduate students and postdoctoral associates under the leadership of MSREC faculty.

Please visit the MSREC website for further details.

Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Summer Institute in Biomedical Optics

The HST Summer Institute offers a unique opportunity for outstanding undergraduate college students considering a career in biomedical engineering and medical science. This highly competitive program offers a hands-on research experience in a scientific community internationally recognized for its leadership and commitment to excellence.

Please visit the HST Summer Institute website for further details.

Lincoln Labs Summer Research Program

Each summer, the Laboratory offers undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a leading-edge research environment. Program participants contribute to projects and gain experience that complements their courses of study. In recent summers, we’ve hired more than 200 students representing top universities.

Please visit the Lincoln Labs Summer Research Program website for further details.

MIT Summer Research Program-Bio (MSRP-Bio)

10-week research-intensive summer training program to advanced non-MIT sophomore and junior science majors who have an interest in a research career.

Please visit the MSRP Bio website for further details.

MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) – General

This nine-week, fully funded summer program brings together a talented pool of underrepresented minorities and underserved students to engage in on-campus research led by dedicated MIT faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. It is an invaluable experience for any student considering further graduate education.

Please visit the MIT Summer Research Program website for further details.

MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) Summer Student Fellow Program

A research project is at the heart of the Summer Student Fellowship program. All Fellows are expected to work on a project selected in collaboration with their sponsor(s) that will provide meaningful results in one summer’s work. Project topics span the vast spectrum of research in ocean sciences and engineering conducted in WHOI’s science departments and the Woods Hole Field Station of the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Please visit the MIT-WHOI Summer Student Fellow Program website for further details.

Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institutes (PIKSI)

Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institutes are designed to encourage undergraduates from underrepresented groups to consider future study of philosophy. Undergraduates and recent graduates from underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, Chicano/as and Latino/as, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Paci c Islanders, LGBTs, economically disadvantaged communities, and people with disabilities are urged to apply.

Please visit the PIKSI website for further details.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates at the MIT Haystack Observatory

Haystack Observatory invites undergraduate science, engineering, and computer science students to apply for summer research positions. Support is provided by the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. Women, minorities, and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Please visit the REU at the MIT Haystack Observatory website for further details.