Costs & funding

Individual academic departments provide most of the financial support for MIT graduate students, and funding amounts vary significantly among disciplines.

Financial support may take the form of research assistantships, instructor and teaching assistantships, fellowships, traineeships, scholarships, grants, and/or other forms of employment, such as working as a resident tutor in an undergraduate residence. Most forms of graduate support are granted for merit, while others are granted for financial need or a combination of merit and need.

Applying for financial aid

Applicants are considered for awards after they have been accepted into a graduate program. There is no separate application for financial aid prior to admission.  Currently enrolled graduate students seeking financial support should consult with their departmental office or visit Student Financial Services.

Application fee

The standard application fee is $75 for all departments and programs except in the Sloan School of Management.  Programs in the Sloan School of Management will have application fees between $75 – $250.

Fee waivers may be available on a limited basis.  Please visit the application fee waiver section for further information.

We do not offer refunds for applicants who are not eligible for admission, withdraw an application, or receive a late fee waiver. If a technical error resulted in multiple transactions during the application submission process, please contact our office.