Programs and resources for women

MIT’s women’s community center is called the Margaret Cheney Room, and was founded in 1884 in recognition of the fact that women have traditionally been denied a safe space of their own, especially in the STEM fields. In light of its founding mission, the Cheney Room exists to promote community and empower all students at MIT who experience gender-based systems of oppression. This includes (but is not limited to) self-identified women, transgender women, and non-binary individuals. Find information on organizations and student groups on the center’s website.

Offered by the OGE, the Graduate Women’s Group and the Women’s Reading Group are informal opportunities to convene graduate women.

Every other year, the OGE sponsors a Celebration of Graduate Women, honoring outstanding women graduate students.

Path of Professorship is a formal annual workshop opportunity for women who wish to explore career paths in the academy.

Graduate Womxn at MIT

Graduate Womxn at MIT (gwaMIT) is an institution-wide, student-led point of contact for graduate women. gwaMIT is a student-led organization devoted to the support of all femme-identifying and non-binary individuals at MIT.

Graduate Women’s Groups at MIT

“Mens et Manus et Salus

Booklet: “Mind and Hand and Health: A Healthy Living Guide for MIT Graduate Women, From MIT Graduate Women.”