Does MIT accept the Duolingo English Test?
MIT Graduate Admissions does not accept Duolingo English Test scores to meet the language proficiency requirement. Applicants must submit official scores from the IELTS Academic exam, TOEFL iBT exam, or the…
Are there alternative financing options, like loans or a payment plan?
Should you not be eligible for additional MIT funding, SFS can advise you on a monthly payment plan or potential loan options.
How long do I have to submit the documents requested?
If you are selected for verification, you will be asked to submit your tax documentation. We will work with you to make sure you know what you need to submit.…
What if I saved for a home purchase but haven’t bought the home yet?
If you had significant savings established before you became a student, and you plan to use that savings for a home, please include that in the Additional Information section of…
Why are you asking about my assets?
Our goal remains a constant: to construct a well-founded measure of ability to pay. Assets that you may have are a part of the information we need to make an…
What is the maximum processing time?
We review applications as we receive them and will do our best to return your evaluation to your department within 10 working days. 
What if I submit the application later? Will funding still be available?
There is no deadline to apply for this long-term financial hardship funding. Funding is available throughout the year.
Where do I list other expenses, like childcare or medical expenses?
Expenses like childcare and medical expenses should be included in the Additional Information section of the application.
What if I’m married, filing separately? How do I complete the application?
Students who are married but file taxes separately should add their information together in the application, unless where instructed otherwise.
How do you define “significant financial hardship”?
Doctoral students who are struggling financially with ongoing essential expenses such as housing, food, and childcare, may be experiencing significant financial hardship.
Why is offering family leaves important for MIT?
At the local level, having a consistent policy relieves advisors and supervisors from having to decide accommodations on an ad hoc basis. Further, the policy reflects MIT’s reflects our values…
As a course instructor, how do I handle grading with respect to a family leave?
Faculty should make arrangements with the student to submit work for completion of requirements when the student returns. If it is necessary for make-up work to extend beyond the end…
May a PI charge a research grant(s) for the Parental Leave expense?
No. It would not be appropriate to charge a research grant for a student who is on leave from performing the duties to advance the research on the grant. Principal…
How are these benefits funded?
The Childbirth Accommodation (CBA) Fund administered by OGE pays for tuition and stipend expenses related to the two months of paid leave for graduate students who give birth (birth parents)…
What is the impact of the Parental Leave (PL) policy for eligible graduate students?
Currently, graduate students who give birth (“birth parents”) are eligible for up to two months of Childbirth Accommodation (CBA). Parental Leave (PL) expands the policy so that all parents who…
What is the difference between Childbirth Accommodation (CBA) and Parental Leave (PL)?
Childbirth Accommodation is available for full-time, registered graduate students who have recently given birth (“birth parent”). The birth parent receives up to two months of leave from academic and research…
Can I enroll in a part-time degree?
In most cases, no. Students must enroll full time to complete the required course of study. Programs geared toward working professionals, such as the Executive MBA program, may have greater flexibility.
Can I earn a degree online?
No. While MIT does offer some online learning opportunities, such as the MicroMasters credential programs offered by MITx, degree-granting programs must be completed on campus.
Can I visit MIT? Do you offer graduate tours?
MIT Graduate Admissions does not offer a dedicated tour or information sessions. Graduate applicants interested in visiting should contact the department or program of interest directly to see if arrangements can be made for…
How much is the application fee?
The standard application fee is $75 per program. The MIT Sloan School of Management may have fees that range between $95 and $250 per program.
Do you offer an application fee waiver?
Yes. We offer application fee waivers to applicants who meet our requirements. For further information, please visit the Application Fee Waiver page.
Do you offer an application refund if I am not eligible for admission, withdraw my application, or receive a late fee waiver?
No. We do not offer refunds for any reason, except if a technical error occurs during the transaction process. A fee waiver will not be retroactively applied to an application that has…
Do you charge a deposit to hold my offer of admission?
Deposit guidelines differ by program. The MIT Sloan School of Management charges a deposit to secure your spot, but the amount may vary. Most other departments do not charge a deposit.
Do you offer financial aid, scholarships, or other sources of funding?
Yes. Please visit our Costs & Funding section for further details.
Do you offer conditional admissions?
No. Only applicants who have met all the necessary requirements are admitted. However, all offers of admissions do come with certain conditions, such as immigration requirements, satisfactory undergraduate degree completion, or the provision of official documents, such as…
Where can I view the status of my application?
Applicants should log into their online application to view the most up to date information available. Some programs may provide status update via email during the review process. Applicants should not email to request…
When will I receive my admissions decision?
Admissions timelines differ across departments.  Many programs notify applicants between January and March, though notification timeframes from the MIT Sloan School of Management may vary.
Can I submit my letters of recommendation via Interfolio?
The online application used by the majority of graduate programs, GradApply, does not support direct integration with Interfolio; please follow the instructions provided within the application. Application features for the MIT Sloan…
Will my recommenders be notified to submit my letter of recommendation?
Applicants are responsible for notifying recommenders by utilizing the notification emails and links provided in the GradApply application. Application features for the MIT Sloan School of Management or Mechanical Engineering department may vary.
Will my recommender be able to submit my recommendation after the application deadline has passed?
Yes. Recommender links will remain active even after the GradApply application deadline. Application features for the MIT Sloan School of Management may vary.
Is there a preference for IELTS or TOEFL scores?
Most departments prefer IELTS exam scores. Please contact the program to which you wish to apply to confirm their requirements for English language proficiency exams.
Is there a deadline for me to submit official test scores?
It varies. Some departments may begin the review process using unofficial self-reported scores, while other departments may wait until all materials have been received. Please contact the program to which you wish…
Is the GRE required? Can I receive a waiver for the GRE?
Some departments no longer require official GRE scores for admission. However, if the GRE is required by the department, applicants cannot receive a waiver. Please confirm the GRE policy with…
Can I receive a waiver for the English language proficiency exam requirement?
It varies. Some departments may offer a language proficiency waiver if you meet certain requirements. Please visit the Degree Programs page for further details on standardized test policies for each of our graduate programs.
If I apply to multiple programs, do I need to submit standardized test scores to each department separately?
No. Test scores are matched to your application electronically based on your name; department codes do not impact this matching process. If you submit multiple applications, each program to which you applied…
Can I apply to more than one department?
Yes. Applicants may apply to more than one department as long as they meet all of the application requirements, pay the required application fees, and submit separate applications by the…