An Ode to My Slow Cooker

An Ode to My Slow Cooker

An Ode to My Slow Cooker

How a special appliance has saved me both time and sanity

May 21, 2019 | Jacqueline W.

 The special appliance: my slow cooker


I want to thank one special appliance

Whose dedication and trusty alliance

Have been a time saver for a busy grad mom.

You snuck into my kitchen with quiet aplomb,

Arriving, in a box, some years ago–

Black and sleek. How was I to know

That you would save me countless hours?

Minimizing meal prep with your heating powers.

And you save me, too, from decision fatigue!

Other kitchen gadgets just aren’t in your league.

So, on Sunday mornings, that was our routine!

Chopping veggies, carrots, and sometimes green beans.

Toss in some lentils, barley, or peas!

We varied by week: soup or Chinese?

Chili, orange chicken, sometimes a stew,

Rice with beans; often barbeque.

By evening, the apartment always smelled great.

My spouse and I filled up our plates.

And leftovers! Man, were those our goal!

We dished them straight into jars and bowls.

Dinners for a week—for two, no less!

No need to prep or make a mess.

Your 6-quart volume held just enough

To keep us fed when nights were rough.

‘Cause let’s face it. Grad school’s no joke.

You’re stressed and tired and sometimes you’re broke.

Between classes, field studies, and paper writing;

Managing undergrads, coding, and citing…

A grad student’s work never feels done…

(Even if I think some of mine is fun!)

So when I’m at home at the end of the day,

When I want to sleep and my kid wants to play,

Finding that dinner is ready! Already! It’s nice.

Microwave a bowl and eat in a trice.

So as I reflect on what helped me through grad school,

I’d say you, dear slow cooker, were a most useful tool.

Food fuels the brain and the body too…

So I wanted to say: Dear slow cooker, thank you.


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