Deadline for September admission is December 1st.

Applicants are required to complete the “Subjects Taken” form. Include all science and mathematics courses, and group the courses by area (i.e. all physics courses together, all chemistry courses together, etc.). Mathematics is considered an important part of our program. Please list the group with your mathematics courses first. In some instances, there will be other courses beyond the sciences that are relevant to your application. If that is the case, please include those courses, listing them at the end.

Do not try to convert your university grading scale or GPA to MIT’s scale. Enter the grades/GPA as granted by your school.

An original copy of your transcript from each college or university, translated into English, should be uploaded as an attachment in PDF format to your application. No other attachments will be accepted. Hard copies sent via post by an applicant will not be accepted. Only those applicants who are accepted for admission will be required to submit a hard copy of their transcripts. Any discrepancy between the scanned transcripts and official transcripts may result in a rejection or withdrawal of our admission offer.