Graduate Student Appreciation Week 2024

April 14, 2024

Led by the Office of Graduate Education (OGE) and championed by departments and partner offices, Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week is a weeklong celebration thanking graduate and professional students for their incredible contributions to MIT. From April 1-8, 2024, the central calendar featured 16 events and a photo contest, as well as a raffle and three giveaways.

In a new initiative, grad students could fill out a form to send an anonymous or named encouragement note – called a GSAWgram – to a fellow grad, complete with a cheerful graphic. Throughout the week, 251 GSAWgrams brightened students’ days!

Below, you can enjoy the winning images from the second GSAW photo contest – with the People’s Choice category winner coming soon. These students took home prizes for their creations:

  • That’s so MIT: “Midnight at MIT” by Isaac H.
  • Seen off-campus: “Dusk atop Cambridge” by Jordan W.
  • Grad life “art photography”: “Reflections after the storm” by Kelvin L.
  • Joy: “My Everything” by Ryan R.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the week a success!

The MIT dome and Lobby 10 take up most of the photo, seen from Killian Court at night; the warm lights glow through the lobby windows as a lone figure walks across the court in the misty darkness. Geese are scattered throughout the lawn.
Aerial view of MIT's campus, with the dome at center. The sun has already set, and there is a warm orange glow and scattered clouds on the horizon. Many windows are lit.
The Stata Center is seen from across the street, its reflection also very clear in a puddle on the sidewalk. Silver and white clouds provide a backdrop.
A male graduate student holds his young child in a playful pose. Both are laughing and wearing MIT hats.
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