Committed to Caring

I also want the family of MIT to be famous for how we treat people: Famous for sympathy, humility, decency, respect, and kindness.
– President Rafael Reif, MIT 2013 Commencement

The Office of Graduate Education invites you to share in an ongoing celebration of MIT faculty members who go above and beyond to make an impact in the lives of graduate students.

Results of the 2021 selection round will be announced in September.

Honorees are celebrated by pairs each month of the academic year though a broad poster campaign, MIT News articles, and profiles on this site. Find all profiles posted to date in the menu at left.

Criteria for selection for a “Committed to Caring” honor include:

  1. Impact. Who has the nominee reached with their caring actions? How deeply, and for what length of time?
  2. Reach. What is the breadth of the nominee’s caring actions? Do they have a leadership role? Are there multiple nominations? Does the nominee demonstrate a commitment to influencing or changing systems that will improve graduate life?
  3. Excellence in scholarship. In addition to the nominee’s own academic excellence, how have they contributed to student academic and professional success?
  4. Equity and inclusivity. What contributions has the nominee made toward supporting all members of the community?
  5. Professional development as an advisor. Does the nominee seek feedback or make time to conduct self-study or professional development around various aspects of mentoring and advising? This may include management, communication skills, and/or support of students with varied needs and backgrounds.