Juana De La O

Juana De La O

Juana De La O

Department: Biology (Course 7)

Degree Objective:

Undergraduate Institution(s):
University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

You can ask me about:

Navigating the graduate admissions process (GradCatalyst), MIT Housing, off-campus housing, finding well-priced food/groceries, finding/building community making friends (like me!), MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) General or Biology

What do you wish you would have known before deciding on MIT?
The scope of how interconnected all the work at MIT is, and how willing and helpful other groups/labs are to engage you and your research, even if it’s not immediately related to their own.

Why did you decide to ENROLL at MIT for your graduate school?
I had to come to MIT for an interview with the Biology Department which was a great opportunity to meet the faces behind the science. Of all the places that I interviewed at, Boston/Cambridge reminded me the most of my hometown of Chicago, minus the straight grid streets. The faculty members that I met with, both as part of interviews but as well as at social events, were all really quirky and enthusiastic in their own ways. This was also reflected in the graduate students that I interacted with. The atmosphere around building 68 was one of excitement, both to meet new students but also to do research, which spoke to the presence of amazing research opportunities and an environment that cared for and nurtures its graduate students. There were smiles and laughter all around for a brief stay here. Even though I came in with a desire to enroll at MIT, my visit here and the interactions only served to solidify my resolve to come here.

Graduate Student Groups/Organizations
LatinX Graduate Student Association

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