A petition is a request to make changes to your academic record that are either non-standard actions or are outside of stated deadlines.  Graduate student petitions are evaluated and approved by the graduate administrator or graduate officer in the student’s home department, the instructor of a subject (if appropriate for the particular request), and the OGE.

A processing fee of $50 will be charged to your student account for each petition approved.  The exception is a $100 fee for an approved petition to initiate registration after the fifth week of term.

A petition for a late add, drop, or change of grading status is submitted via the Graduate Late Add/Drop Online Petition.

A petition for any other purpose is submitted using the appropriate form or application. More information about types of petitions and instructions for filing may be found on the petition services page.

The Office of Graduate Education acts with power on behalf of the Committee on Graduate Programs with regard to all petition requests.

To learn more about the online Graduate Late Drop/Add/Change of Grading Status petition, watch the video below demonstrating the submittal and approval processes, or see the following resources in the Help section of the graduate online petition application: