Graduate Officers

The graduate officer is the faculty member or senior academic staff member who oversees graduate affairs on behalf of a department or degree-granting program. Graduate officers advocate for graduate students, provide guidance, manage conflicts, enforce departmental policies, develop strategic programming and curricula, and approve final degree lists. Most importantly, graduate officers work to ensure that a graduate program works in the best interest of its students. 

The full scope of the role is determined by the practice and culture of the department or program. Additional responsibilities may include recruitment and admissions, student orientation, and advising student groups. Various Institute offices collaborate with the graduate officers as a group to catalyze positive change for MIT’s graduate student community.

Spring 2022 meetings:

Tuesday, February 15, 3:00-4:30pm
Thursday, March 17, 9:30-11:00am
Tuesday, April 26, 3:00-4:30pm
Thursday, May 19, 9:30-11:00am

1 – Civil and Environmental EngineeringColette Healdheald@mit.edu48-335324-5666
2 – Mechanical EngineeringNicolas Hadjiconstantinoungh@mit.edu3-364452-2280
3 – Materials Science and EngineeringFrances Rossfmross@mit.edu13-5046452-2535
4 – ArchitectureLeslie Norfordlnorford@mit.edu5-418D253-8797
5 – ChemistryAdam Willardawillard@mit.edu6-231253-1480
6 – Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceKatrina LaCurts (MEng)lacurts@mit.edu38-476253-4613
Leslie Kolodziejski (SM & PhD)leskolo@mit.edu38-287253-7327
 7 – BiologyMary
 Amy Keatingkeating@mit.edu68-622A452-3398
8 – PhysicsDeepto Chakrabarty
9 – Brain and Cognitive SciencesMark Harnettharnett@mit.edu46-6143324-6988
10 – Chemical EngineeringPatrick Doylepdoyle@mit.eduE17-504F253-4534
11 – Urban Studies and PlanningCeasar McDowellceasar@mit.edu9-422253-7587
12 – Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary SciencesPaul O’Gormanpog@mit.edu54-1712452-3382
14 – EconomicsAbhijit Banerjeebanerjee@mit.eduE52-540253-8855
15 – Sloan School of ManagementJacob Cohen (Educational Services)jcohen28@mit.eduE60-366324-8107
15 – Sloan School of ManagementKelly Nixon (MBA)knixon@mit.eduE52-2143-1044
15 – Sloan School of Management PhDCatherine Tucker
16 – Aeronautics and AstronauticsJonathan How
17 – Political ScienceFotini Christia
18 – MathematicsDavesh Maulik
(Pure Math)
 Jonathan Kelnerkelner@mit.edu2-344253-4344
 Wei Zhang (Pure Math)weizhang@mit.edu2-476258-7180
20 – Biological EngineeringKatharina Ribbeckribbeck@mit.edu56-235715-4575
Paul Blaineypblainey@mit.eduBroad Institute-NE30714-7320
21W – Science WritingSeth Mnookinsmnookin@mit.edu14N-420324-1868
22 – Nuclear Science and EngineeringJu Li 24-202 253-0166
24 – Linguistics and PhilosophyBrad Skow  (Philosophy)bskow@mit.edu32-D930253-4147
 Sabine Iatridou (Linguistics)iatridou@mit.edu32-D824253-2640
ACT – Art, Culture, & TechnologyLeslie Norfordlnorford@mit.edu5-418D253-8797
CMS – Comparative Media StudiesHeather Hendershothshot@mit.eduE15-324324-4038
CRE – Center for Real EstateKairos Shenkaiross@mit.eduTBA
CSB – Computational and Systems BiologyChris Burgecburge@mit.edu68-271A258-5997
CSE – Computational Science and Engineering (SM & PhD)Nicolas Hadjiconstantinoungh@mit.edu3-364452-2280
 Youseff Marzoukymarz@mit.edu37-451253-1337
HST – Health Sciences and TechnologyJulie Greenbergjgreenbe@mit.eduE25-518258-6086
IDSS – Institute for Data, Systems & Society Frank Fieldfurd@mit.eduE17-379253-2146
 Noelle Selinselin@mit.eduE18-381324-2592
LGOThomas Roemertroemer@mit.eduE40-319324-6209
MAS – Media Arts and SciencesJoseph
MICRO – Interdepartmental MicrobiologyJacquin Nilesjcniles@mit.edu56-341B324-3701
Otto Cordero ottox@mit.edu48-429 230-4153
ORC – Operations Research CenterStephen Graves
SCM – Supply Chain ManagementMaria Jesus Saenz mjsaenz@mit.eduE40-379 253-8235
SDM – Systems Design & ManagementWarren Seering (SDM Track)seering@mit.edu3-433253-8253
 Steven Eppinger (IDM track)eppinger@mit.eduE62-468 253-0468
STS – History, Anthropology and Science, Technology and SocietyGraham Jonesgmj@mit.eduE53-335P715-4969
 Joint Program with the Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionDelia Oppodoppo@whoi.eduAcademic Programs Office, Woods Hole MA508-289-2681