Students are responsible for monitoring their own registrations, and making any needed changes within the specified periods.

Adding, dropping, and changing subjects

To add, drop or make a grading status change prior to the deadline, use the regular online Add form. Adds, Drops and Changes prior to the deadline require approval from the instructor and the departmental graduate registration officer.

Add Date is the deadline to:

  • Add a subject to your registration
  • Change a subject from P/D/F to Graded
  • Change a subject from Listener to Credit

Drop Date is the deadline to:

  • Drop a subject from your registration
  • Change a subject from Graded to P/D/F
  • Change a subject from Credit to Listener

See add and drop deadlines for half-term subjects and full term subjects in the Academic Calendar.

Late adds, drops, and changes

After a deadline, an online petition approved by the instructor, the departmental graduate administrator or graduate officer, and the OGE is required to add, drop, or change a subject.

Approval is not automatic, and a $25 processing fee is charged for changes that are permitted.

Use the online Graduate Late Add/Drop/Change petition to submit late adds, drops and changes.

Retroactive changes

Retroactive changes should be requested only for exceptional circumstances. These also require a petition and incur a fee. Approved retroactive changes can be applied to any term in a registered student’s record. Once a student has graduated, there is a three month period to correct errors in the final term of registration.

Refund policy

Processing fees are nonrefundable unless charged in error.