Withdrawal, readmission


Graduate degree programs should be completed without interruption. A student who discontinues graduate study for one or more academic terms, and is not on an approved medical leave or leave for National Service, must notify their department, which will in turn notify the Registrar to record the student as withdrawn from the Institute. If residing in graduate housing, please contact graduatehousing@mit.edu immediately to notify them of your withdrawal and to initiate your housing termination process.

International students are mandated to notify the International Students Office.


An application for readmission must be approved by the department graduate committee. The committee will consider the applicant’s past record, the length of the period of withdrawal, departmental resources expected to be available at the time for which readmission is requested, and any other relevant data. An application fee is required if the approved student was away for one year or longer. If the period of interruption exceeds five years, the request must be approved both by the department graduate committee and by the Office of Graduate Education.

International students on F-1 and J-1 visas need a new Certificate of Eligibility (Form I- 20 or DS-2019) in order to re-enroll at MIT.

Degrees are not backdated; therefore, a student’s total program must meet the requirements and standards existing at the time the degree is granted. Requests for reactivation of graduate degree programs, including previously acquired academic credits, will be evaluated in terms of the length of the interruption.