Subject credits and designations

Credit units, which indicate a subject’s time distribution, are represented by three numbers separated by dashes in the “Subject Listings” of the MIT Bulletin, (for example, 2-0-10). The number of units assigned for recitation and lecture appears first; for laboratory, design, or fieldwork second; and for preparation, third. All of the units added together represent the total credit for the subject.

One unit represents approximately 14 hours of work. “Units arranged” indicates that units are specially arranged by the instructor. Academic departments use feedback from subject evaluations to inform their reviews of the classes they offer. The Committee on Graduate Programs (CGP) is responsible for reviewing graduate subjects. Questions about units of credit for graduate subjects may be directed to Any such feedback will be shared anonymously, so students should feel comfortable bringing forth concerns.

In the list of subject descriptions, the year classification is indicated as “U” for an undergraduate subject and “G” for a subject offered primarily for graduate students.