Definitions of MIT grades for graduate and undergraduate students may be found in the MIT Bulletin. Please see Graduate Academic Standards regarding academic expectations for graduate students.

Note that when an excused absence involves a missed final exam or final project, a petition is required to change the “O” grade that the student will receive for that subject to a grade of “OX.” The student and the department academic administrator will be notified when an O is changed to an OX. An OX carries no credit for the subject. However, the responsible faculty member must provide the student the opportunity to receive a credit-carrying grade. This may be done with or without the instructor requiring a make-up final examination or other additional evaluation procedure. The work is to be completed before Add Date of the succeeding term of the regular academic year; however, the responsible faculty member, in discussion with the student, has the right to set an earlier or later date for pedagogical reasons or extenuating circumstances.