Cumulative rating

To be recommended for an advanced degree, a student must meet the minimum requirements of graduate study and research, including a high cumulative rating. The cumulative rating of graduate students is computed from grades received in all subjects (excluding doctoral thesis) taken for credit as part of the student’s graduate program (including registration as a special student). For a master’s thesis, up to a maximum of 24 units is used in the computation of the cumulative rating.

The cumulative rating is computed by multiplying the grade points received in each subject by the total units assigned to that subject and dividing the sum by the total units. Grade points are as follows: A = 5; B = 4; C = 3; D = 2; F = 0; O = 0. Grades of I, P, S, SA, OX, T, and DR are not used in computation of a graduate student’s cumulative rating.