Simultaneous award of bachelor’s and master’s degrees

An undergraduate student of the Institute who is enrolled as a candidate for the bachelor’s degree may be admitted by a department as a candidate for the master’s degree. Students must register as graduate students for at least one regular academic term (not the summer session) to be recommended for the simultaneous award of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The thesis submitted for the master’s degree may also be accepted by the department in fulfillment of the undergraduate thesis requirement, if any. A student wishing to pursue this type of academic program must apply for graduate admission in the usual way.

Once a student is classified as a graduate student by the Institute, their eligibility for certain financial aid programs will change. U.S. citizens who are graduate students and who are enrolled at least half time are eligible to apply for several types of Title IV federal loans. The interest rates, subsidy rules and origination fees may be different than those for undergraduate students. It is important to note that graduate students are not eligible for MIT scholarship funds from Student Financial Services. International students who are graduate students may apply for MIT Loans. More information about graduate financial aid as well as instructions and application forms can be found at Student Financial Services.

Undergraduate students eligible for simultaneous degree are entitled to remain in undergraduate housing on the condition that they are within their “8 term maximum” housing guarantee. Otherwise, 9th term undergraduate students must apply to the graduate housing waiting list.