Award of degrees

The application form for award of an advanced degree is available online through WebSIS. Students must submit this form to have their names placed on the degree list.

Deadline dates for submitting advanced degree applications are listed on the Institute’s calendar, and processing fees will be charged for applications received after these dates. No later than the last day of classes, names on the degree list may be added or withdrawn by request of the departmental registration officer to the Registrar. After this date, changes may be made only by action of the Committee on Graduate Programs. Only those on the degree list will be considered for the award of degrees.

The graduate officer in each department or program is responsible for reviewing and then signing (or otherwise certifying) the final degree list before it is submitted to the Graduate Academic Performance Group for approval at its end-of-term meeting. The Graduate Academic Performance Group acts under the authority of the Committee on Graduate Programs.

The only formal graduation exercise is in early June. Students may receive their diplomas at this time or may request (via the online degree application) that their diplomas be sent to them. Students may also arrange to pick up their diplomas from the Registrar’s Office in Room 5-117. Students completing degrees in either September or February may attend commencement exercises the following June. Students who have not been awarded a graduate degree within the past academic year may not participate in commencement exercises.

Before diplomas are awarded, the student must return all library books; return all keys; and settle all accounts with Student Financial Services. In addition, there must be no pending disciplinary actions.

Diploma format

The format of the diploma for each type of degree awarded