Tuition and fees

For more detailed information regarding the cost of attendance for the academic year, including specific costs for tuition and fees, books and supplies, housing and food as well as transportation, please visit the Registrar’s website.

Graduate students who are enrolled in a research degree program, and who are not taking courses, will have their summer tuition subsidized (that is, paid from other Institute sources). Graduate students who register for any summer subject other than those recognized by the Registrar as thesis or pre-thesis research subjects will be charged tuition on a per unit basis up to the maximum tuition. Candidates for professional degrees will be charged tuition if registered for the summer.

Graduate students registered in professional programs will pay tuition at the rate established for their particular programs and do not receive the summer subsidy. These programs, as defined by the Provost’s Office, are:

  • Sloan Masters programs;
  • Systems Design and Management;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Real Estate Development;
  • Data, Economics, and Design of Policy; and
  • the Advanced Study Program.