Exchange Scholar Program

The Ivy Plus Exchange Scholar Program facilitates an exchange of study and research for doctoral students enrolled at the following institutions: University of California at Berkeley, Brown University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Yale University.  

Students may study at one of the other schools for a limited period of time, to take advantage of educational opportunities not available at their home institution. The academic experience, including taking courses or conducting research, will be registered on the academic record maintained by the student’s home institution. (IvyPlus Scholars should inquire with their host institution whether transcripts are issued automatically, or upon request, as practices differ among institutions).    

Ivy Plus Scholars may register for up to two classes per term, or for one thesis research subject, and only for the term(s) indicated on the application. They may register for a minimum of one semester (at a time) for a maximum of two semesters plus one summer.  


Follow the policies of your home institution and complete the IvyPlus Exchange Scholar application. Obtain signatures from your academic advisor and department chair, or director of graduate studies.   

Submit the signed application to the designated administrative office, see page 7 of the application for school contacts. MIT students submit applications to the Office of Graduate Education through this email

Applications are due two months prior to the registration date at the host institution. For MIT the fall deadline is the end of June, for the Spring it is late November. Check with the appropriate administrative office for precise dates. Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Graduate Education (OGE) and forwarded to the host institution for completion.  

Please note, students in non-resident status are not eligible to participate in this program. 

For the Exchange Scholar coming to MIT:  

To pursue research, the student must first contact the MIT professor with whom they wish to work in advance of applying. To pursue course work, contact the MIT professor to ensure that the proposed plan is feasible. In both cases, include written confirmation of their approval with your application; email is acceptable.   

Upon arriving at MIT, Exchange Scholars must register for class or research credit.  
The department’s representative, typically the graduate (academic) administrator, will provide logistical support. The Office of Graduate Education is also a resource.  

Students are required to have health insurance. Existing insurance will be assessed to determine waiver eligibility only when the student arrives and registers on campus. Students are encouraged to check with their own carriers to see if their insurance meets Massachusetts requirements. For insurance related questions, please contact the MIT Student Insurance Office.

For the exchange program administrator: 

The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) sends signed copies of the application to the participating university, the MIT Registrar’s Office, the MIT department accepting or sending an Exchange Scholar, and if applicable, the MIT International Students Office (ISO). The MIT department hosting an exchange scholar is responsible for registering the student for courses or thesis.  

Further details are found on the application form and the Princeton website.