Angela Belcher delivers 2023 Dresselhaus Lecture on evolving organisms for new nanomaterials

December 13, 2023

“How do we get to making nanomaterials that haven’t been evolved before?” asked Angela Belcher at the 2023 Mildred S. Dresselhaus Lecture at MIT on Nov. 20. “We can use elements that biology has already given us.” The combined in-person and virtual audience of over 300 was treated to a light-up, 3D model of M13 […]

Leaves, accommodations, and time off

December 12, 2023

Please see the pages in this section for more information about Childbirth Accommodation and Parental Accommodation; Leave for US National Service; Medical leave; and Personal leave. The summary below helps graduate students understand their eligibility for various types of academic and employment leaves, accommodations, and other time off. Specifically, the information below provides a high-level […]

MIT campus goals in food, water, waste support decarbonization efforts

December 12, 2023

With the launch of Fast Forward: MIT’s Climate Action Plan for the Decade, the Institute committed to decarbonize campus operations by 2050 — an effort that touches on every corner of MIT, from building energy use to procurement and waste. At the operational level, the plan called for establishing a set of quantitative climate impact […]

MIT Generative AI Week fosters dialogue across disciplines

December 11, 2023

In late November, faculty, staff, and students from across MIT participated in MIT Generative AI Week. The programming included a flagship full-day symposium as well as four subject-specific symposia, all aimed at fostering a dialogue about the opportunities and potential applications of generative artificial intelligence technologies across a diverse range of disciplines. “These events are […]

Two from MIT named 2024 Marshall Scholars

December 11, 2023

Anushree Chaudhuri and Rupert Li have won Marshall Scholarships, a prestigious British government-funded fellowship that offers exceptional American students the opportunity to pursue several years of graduate study in any field at any university in the United Kingdom. Up to 50 scholarships are awarded each year by the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission. The students were […]

Miranda McClellan ’18, MEng ’19 awarded 2025 Schwarzman Scholarship

December 8, 2023

MIT alumna Miranda McClellan ’18, MEng ’19 has been named a 2025 Schwarzman Scholar. In August 2024, she will join the program’s 150 scholars arriving from 43 countries and 114 universities from around the world. The Class of 2025 Scholars were selected from a pool of over 4,000 applicants. They will attend a one-year fully […]

Building a better indoor herb garden

December 7, 2023

Randall Briggs ’09, SM ’18 didn’t set out to build indoor gardens when he arrived at MIT. The winner of the 2010 2.007 robot competition class, he was excited to work on designing fighter planes one day. But in 2016, halfway through his studies for his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Briggs’s father passed away […]

From MIT to Singapore and back: Delivering knowledge and advancing careers in finance

December 7, 2023

Both sections of MIT class 15.433 (Financial Markets), taught this fall by visiting associate professor of finance Hong Ru MFin ’10, PhD ’15 at the MIT Sloan School of Management, include over 100 students from the master of finance program. However, when he joined the program’s inaugural class just over a decade ago, this number […]

Hungry for knowledge (and bananas)

December 6, 2023

I have officially been a student at MIT for a month, and in that time, I have juggled the role of an environmental researcher, new Boston tourist, and campus explorer, all while adjusting to the life of a first-year graduate student. Journey with me as I discover the hidden “quirks” of MIT that help foster […]

MIT Women’s League fosters connections and community around campus

December 5, 2023

As of this week, MIT’s 77 Massachusetts Avenue entrance is beautifully adorned with three giant, intricately decorated holiday wreaths. They’re the work of the MIT Women’s League, one the longest-running groups on campus, which has been organizing its annual wreath-making event for the community since the 1930s — offering a reminder that MIT is not […]

3 Questions: Melissa Nobles on combating antisemitism and Islamophobia

December 4, 2023

On Nov. 14, President Sally Kornbluth launched Standing Together Against Hate (STAH), a community-driven initiative coordinated by Chancellor Melissa Nobles. The initiative will support efforts led by MIT faculty, staff, students, and the administration to come together, MIT-style, to use our problem-solving skills to address antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hate. Chancellor Nobles spoke […]

The eyes have it

December 4, 2023

It’s hard to look away from one of Felice Frankel’s images. For decades, Frankel, a research scientist in the MIT Department of Chemical engineering, has produced dazzling and witty art to tease and intrigue readers of the world’s most prestigious science journals. There is, for instance, the cover of PNAS featuring an illustration of paper […]

3 Questions: Laura Beretsky on living and learning with epilepsy

December 4, 2023

Do you have a disability? It’s a question every employer is required to ask job applicants. Some people quickly check a box and move on. For Laura Beretsky, deciding how to answer the question is more complicated. Beretsky, who works as a grant writer in the MIT Introduction to Technology, Engineering, and Science (MITES) program, […]

Credit Cards 101

Credit Cards 101

December 1, 2023

Graduate Community fellow, Alexander Kossak, will walk you through the basics of getting a credit card. Learn what credit cards can do for you and what penalties you could face if you are not careful.

High school students gain skills by working on digital learning materials

November 30, 2023

For Thomas Esayas, now a high school senior in Texas, the shift to virtual learning in the earlier days of the Covid-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to dive further into his interests in computer science. He started learning the fundamentals of Python and developing projects, such as trying to make a bot that could scour […]

Q&A: Phillip Sharp and Amy Brand on the future of open-access publishing

November 30, 2023

Providing open access to scholarly publications is a long-running issue with new developments on the horizon. Last year, the U.S. federal government’s Office of Science and Technology Policy directed government agencies to develop policies that will provide public access to publications derived from federal funding, by the beginning of 2026. That provides more impetus for […]

What does the future hold for generative AI?

November 29, 2023

Speaking at the “Generative AI: Shaping the Future” symposium on Nov. 28, the kickoff event of MIT’s Generative AI Week, keynote speaker and iRobot co-founder Rodney Brooks warned attendees against uncritically overestimating the capabilities of this emerging technology, which underpins increasingly powerful tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. “Hype leads to hubris, and hubris […]

Everything, everywhere all at once

November 29, 2023

The way Morgane König sees it, questioning how we came to be in the universe is one of the most fundamental parts of being human. When she was 12 years old, König decided the place to find answers was in physics. A family friend was a physicist, and she attributed her interest in the field […]

Graduate Residential Community Grants

November 28, 2023

All graduate residences are welcome to apply! Graduate Residential Community Grants are designed to support the MIT residential graduate communities in creating and sustaining a spirit of belonging, engagement, and exploration among residential and off-campus graduate students. The Graduate Residential Community Grant proposals will be reviewed by a committee of staff and faculty who work […]

Funds for grad activities

November 28, 2023

There are many resources available to support graduate student activities! Submit your creative ideas for graduate student community-building projects and your proposal could be funded by the OGE Graduate Student Experience Grants or the OGE Graduate Residential Community Grants. We also welcome you to peruse additional resources from other campus sources.

A friendly neighborhood elder’s guide to enjoying your program

November 28, 2023

The second week of classes, I was hanging out with some people in my cohort in the student lounge, when the topic of siblings came up. “Do you have a sibling?” “Yes.” “Are you the oldest?” When I shook my head, their eyes widened in shock. By the way I carried myself and what I […]

MIT’s Science Policy Initiative holds 13th annual Executive Visit Days

November 28, 2023

From Oct. 23-24, a delegation consisting of 21 MIT students, one MIT postdoc, and four students from the University of the District of Columbia met in Washington for the MIT Science Policy Initiative’s Executive Visit Days (ExVD). Now in its 13th cycle, this trip offers a platform where university students and young researchers can connect […]

Boosting rocket reliability at the material level

November 28, 2023

The success of the SpaceX Falcon 9 reusable launch vehicle has been one of the most remarkable technological achievements of the last decade. Powered by SpaceX’s Merlin engine, the Falcon 9 booster can be reused over 10 times, with minimal maintenance between flights. Now there is a new generation of reusable rocket engines and vehicles […]

Celebrating five years of MIT.nano

November 27, 2023

There is vast opportunity for nanoscale innovation to transform the world in positive ways — expressed MIT.nano Director Vladimir Bulović as he posed two questions to attendees at the start of the inaugural Nano Summit: “Where are we heading? And what is the next big thing we can develop?” “The answer to that puts into […]

MIT students build connections with Black and Indigenous Brazilians to investigate culture and the environment

November 27, 2023

In January 2024, at the height of Brazil’s summer, a group of 20 MIT undergraduates will arrive in São Paulo, Brazil, for the Independent Activities Period (IAP) course WGS.247/21L.592 (Race, Place, and Modernity in the Americas) jointly offered by the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences’ programs in Women’s and Gender Studies, Literature, and Writing.  Continuing a program developed […]

A green hydrogen innovation for clean energy

November 27, 2023

Renewable energy today — mainly derived from the sun or wind — depends on batteries for storage. While costs have dropped in recent years, the pursuit of more efficient means of storing renewable power continues. “All of these technologies, unfortunately, have a long way to go,” said Sossina Haile SB ’86, PhD ’92, the Walter […]

Richard Fletcher named a 2023 Packard Fellow

November 27, 2023

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has announced that atomic physicist Richard Fletcher, assistant professor of physics and a researcher at MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA) and the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE), has been named a 2023 Packard Fellow for Science and Engineering. The Packard Foundation Fellowships are one of the most prestigious and […]

Judgment, reason, and the university

November 22, 2023

At a time when universities are subject to intense political pressure, it is tempting to think they can follow a template for establishing to all concerned that educational institutions are neutral entities. But circumstances will almost always complicate such efforts, MIT Professor Malick Ghachem suggested in a recent public lecture. The talk focused on the […]

Liberty Ladd: Going above and beyond

November 22, 2023

Liberty Ladd has been drawn to public service and fighting injustice from a young age. At 15, as a student representative from the first congressional district of Maine, she testified to the state board of education about unfair grading policies at her school. Later, she decided to join the Air Force, with the understanding that […]

Scholarship keeps John F. Kennedy’s legacy alive at MIT

November 21, 2023

About 20 miles west of London, the meadow of Runnymede hosts a memorial to John F. Kennedy, dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II two years after the U.S. president’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. Situated on land bequeathed in perpetuity to the American people, the memorial overlooks the riverbank where the Magna Carta — a pivotal […]

A civil discourse on climate change

November 21, 2023

A new MIT initiative designed to encourage open dialogue on campus kicked off with a conversation focused on how to address challenges related to climate change. “Climate Change: Existential Threat or Bump in the Road” featured Steve Koonin, theoretical physicist and former U.S. undersecretary for science during the Obama administration, and Kerry Emanuel, professor emeritus […]

Students pitch transformative ideas in generative AI at MIT Ignite competition

November 21, 2023

This semester, students and postdocs across MIT were invited to submit ideas for the first-ever MIT Ignite: Generative AI Entrepreneurship Competition. Over 100 teams submitted proposals for startups that utilize generative artificial intelligence technologies to develop solutions across a diverse range of disciplines including human health, climate change, education, and workforce dynamics. On Oct. 30, […]

Merging science and systems thinking to make materials more sustainable

November 21, 2023

For Professor Elsa Olivetti, tackling a problem as large and complex as climate change requires not only lab research but also understanding the systems of production that power the global economy. Her career path reflects a quest to investigate materials at scales ranging from the microscopic to the mass-manufactured. “I’ve always known what questions I […]

Three MIT affiliates receive Schmidt awards

November 20, 2023

Two MIT faculty were recently honored by Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt. MathWorks Professor Jörn Dunkel received the 2023 Schmidt Science Polymath award, and professor of computational cognitive science Josh Tenenbaum was named a Schmidt Futures AI2050 Senior Fellow. Also winning a Schmidt Science Polymath award was Surya Ganguli ’98, MNG […]

Peer coaching helps graduate students thrive

November 20, 2023

Eventually she became aware that her PhD was taking longer than average, which fueled her doubts. When the pandemic delayed her research, she worried about falling even further behind. Then, in the spring of 2020, she got an email about the launch of the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Coaching Program for students. Her first reaction was, […]

Working to beat the clock on climate change

November 17, 2023

“There’s so much work ahead of us and so many obstacles in the way,” said Raisa Lee, director of project development with Clearway Energy Group, an independent clean power producer. But, added Lee, “It’s most important to focus on finding spaces and people so we can foster growth and support each other — the power […]