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MSRP Faculty Mentors & Research Groups

MSRP General faculty mentors play a significant role in the MSRP General research intern’s experience at MIT. Faculty mentors assign and oversee a direct research supervisor (an advanced graduate student, post-doc, etc.) who will guide the student’s research project over the nine-week summer program. The mentoring relationship will foster the undergraduate student’s acquisition of the skills and aptitudes necessary for success in research at MIT or other top-tier graduate programs. 

For Applicants

The Office of Graduate Education asks MSRP applicants to identify at least 3 faculty members with who you are interested in conducting research during the summer. The ability to match applicants with a research group is important in the final selection process. There are two ways to identify potential faculty mentors:

1. Browse the Host Faculty Mentors List

Linked below is an interactive list of potential faculty mentors who have expressed an interest in hosting an MSRP intern. This list is updated regularly, refer back to it often as you draft your application materials.

Interested Faculty Mentor List tips and hints:

  • Typically, approx. 70% of the cohort is ultimately placed with a mentor listed on the Interested Faculty Mentors List
  • Filter by school or department using controls on the top row
  • Utilize key words to find multiple approaches to your interests

2. Explore All MIT Faculty

Visit the MIT Schools’ faculty directories below to find additional faculty and learn about their current research. Applicants may list any MIT faculty member in their application.

Interns may still be placed with a faculty member they list, even if that faculty member did not express interest by the application deadline. Alternatively, the list of faculty provided by an intern may inform placement, such that the intern receives an excellent fit with a faculty they did not list on their application. Listing faculty in the application does not guarantee placement in one of the listed research environments.

MIT faculty comprise more than 50 departments organized into 5 schools and 1 college:

We encourage you to explore MIT’s programs, faculty, and research before you apply to MSRP!

For Faculty

Are you interested in getting involved with MSRP? In addition to serving as a faculty mentor, there are many ways to engage with MSRP interns and become involved in the program. Please take a few moments to complete the brief survey below, so that we may best understand the ways in which you are interested in engaging with our program.

Check out the following video to learn more about the experience of MSRP General Faculty Mentors: