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Zion Michael

Zion Michael

MIT Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Desiree Plata
Research Supervisor: Kristen Rieinger and Nicolette Bugher
Undergraduate Institution: Florida International University
Hometown: Antigua and Barbuda
Website: LinkedIn


Zion Michael is a McNair Fellow and OURS Scholar studying Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. Her experiences living through natural disasters on the Caribbean Island of Antigua motivated a desire to improve environmental sustainability and climate resilience. Zion’s research portfolio includes explorations in behavioral ecology, disaster resilience, bioinspired material design, and environmental organic chemistry. Currently, Zion is focused on designing sustainable material systems to support the development of socially and ecologically equitable societies. Equally important to Zion is cultivating a culture of compassion, honesty, and light-hearted humor to facilitate feelings of connection to others. Zion enjoys a warm, gentle breeze during the summer, two-day-old cold brew, and listening to house-inspired hip-hop music.

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