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Zanyah Williams

Zanyah Williams

MIT Department: Aeronautics and Astronautics
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Sebastian Eastham
Research Supervisor: Prashanth Prakash
Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College
Hometown: Elon, NC
Website: LinkedIn


Zanyah Williams is a rising junior double majoring in Environmental Science and Sociology at Spelman College. Her previous research focused on severe heat as an environmental issue and why low-income residents and people of color are more susceptible to the effects. Her most recent study assesses the environmental impact of supersonic business jets and how these impacts compare between the Global South and Global North. Zanyah’s research interests include but are not limited to environmental justice, sustainability, climate, and environmental impact. Besides research, she enjoys traveling, volunteering, and spending time with loved ones. Her extracurricular involvement includes serving as a Social Justice Fellow, Sustainable Spelman Intern, RISE Scholar, and NASA Undergraduate Leadership Initiative Researcher. She aspires to earn her Ph.D. in a field related to environmental management and sustainability. Zanyah is a devoted advocate for environmental justice and is passionate about serving marginalized communities affected by environmental issues.

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