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Suong Tran

Suong Tran

MIT Department: Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Mohammad Movassaghi
Research Supervisor: Ali Naeini
Undergraduate Institution: Dickinson College
Hometown: Danang, Vietnam
Website: LinkedIn


Suong is a senior at Dickinson College, double majoring in Chemistry and Data Analytics, along with a minor in Math. At present, her research at Dickinson focuses on developing innovative strategies that enhance the versatility of bioluminescent imaging techniques for various applications in biological imaging and sensing. Her goal is red-shifting the bioluminescent color through peptide-fluorophore conjugates and applying statistical and machine learning models to find orthogonal bioluminescent probes for multiplexed imaging. She also thrives on the intersection of organic chemistry and data-driven insights, where she desires to explore the application of machine learning models to predict organic synthesis outcomes, bridging the gap between traditional organic chemistry and cutting-edge computational approaches. Apart from her academic pursuits, she enjoys capturing moments with her camera. She also loves talking to new people and learning about their work, so feel free to reach out!

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