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Sevio Stanton

Sevio Stanton

MIT Department: Physics
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Christoph Paus
Research Supervisor: Chad Freer and Luca Lavezzo
Undergraduate Institution: Boise State University
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Website: LinkedIn


Sevio Stanton, ’24, is an honors triple major studying physics, chemistry, & biology at Boise State University and a McNair Scholar and Bridges to the Baccalaureate Fellow. He has conducted research at several institutions in the fields of astronomy, biochemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, and particle physics. His research work is set to continue into graduate school, where he will pursue a PhD in physics. While his studies were initially motivated by the sole goal of approaching correspondent truths of physical reality, his experiences inside of academia have given rise to a deep-seated desire to contribute to the growing pool of structured, free-access educational resources. Outside of his work in science, he enjoys literature, music, and combat sports.

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