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Reihaneh Iranmanesh

Reihaneh Iranmanesh

MIT Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Jacob Andreas
Research Supervisor: Sarah Schwettman
Undergraduate Institution: Amherst College
Hometown: Kerman, Kerman, Iran
Website: LinkedIn


Reihaneh Iranmanesh is a first-generation rising junior at Amherst College (AC), double majoring in computer science and statistics. Her interests span a wide range of subjects within Artificial Intelligence (AI), including computer vision, generative AI, and mechanistic interpretability. She actively engages in research on explainable AI to promote the safe and transparent usage of AI systems. Her research under the supervision of Dr. Mihaela Malita entailed developing new image classification models, which significantly improved the searchability and accessibility of AC’s Mead Art Museum collection, promoting interdisciplinary exploration among students and faculty. Additionally, with Dr. Lee Spector’s guidance, she explored program synthesis problems and implemented computational models of creative processes using Push programming language. As the president of the AI Club at AC, Reihaneh is committed to fostering an inclusive space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can discuss the technical, philosophical, societal, and ethical implications of AI.

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