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Pamela Melgar

Pamela Melgar

MIT Department: Media, Arts and Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Danielle Woods
Research Supervisor: Yiyun Zhang
Undergraduate Institution: Tufts University
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Website: LinkedIn


Pamela Melgar is a 5th-year undergraduate exploring the intersection of art, technology, and storytelling. She is pursuing two Bachelor’s degrees at Tufts University, one in Computer Science and another in Art. She dreams of combining computer graphics, animation, and creative technology to explore social justice issues. Pamela finds joy in empowering others, like as a Matriculate college advisor or a TA for Tufts and Harvard courses. As a proud second-generation Guatemalan immigrant, Pamela strongly advocates for her first-generation peers and diversifying the tech field. Pamela completed research within MIT Media Lab’s Space Enabled group on a project to make space, robotics, and coding for the ISS tangible for middle schoolers, especially from under-resourced backgrounds. She volunteers at annual Game Developers and SIGGRAPH conferences, staying up-to-date on the state of the entertainment industry. She plans to pursue graduate school with a concentration in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media.

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