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Pablo Luna Falcon

Pablo Luna Falcon

MIT Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Carlos Portela
Research Supervisor: Michael Espinal
Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona
Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Website: LinkedIn


Pablo Luna Falcon is a rising senior at the University of Arizona majoring in mechanical engineering with minors in additive manufacturing and material science. His research interests include macroscale and microscale material optimization, computer-aided Design/manufacturing, aerospace, and self-assembly. He is interested in learning about material innovation for increased mechanical efficiency and novel 3D printing technology. He has worked with Dr. Hannah Budinoff to design a data-driven model for additive manufacturing distortion prediction, where he developed statistical and CAD modeling knowledge for data collection. He is currently working with Dr. Carlos Portela to design a consistent fabrication technique for self-assembled spinodal metamaterials from simulated and experimental data. This experience motivated Pablo to pursue a graduate degree, and he is eager to expand his knowledge about additive manufacturing and new technological advancements related to material science. Outside of academics, Pablo enjoys spending some time outdoors running or hiking.

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