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Nyvia Lyles

Nyvia Lyles

MIT Department: Aeronautics and Astronautics
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Brian Wardle
Research Supervisor: Luiz Acauan
Undergraduate Institution: Howard University
Hometown: Chicago,Illinois
Website: LinkedIn


Nyvia Lyles is a rising senior chemical engineering major attending Howard University. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Nyvia is an American Chemical Society Scholar with experience fabricating microheaters, modeling filamentous architectures, characterizing ceramics, and synthesizing nanocomposites. She has an interest in nanoengineering multifunctional composite structures and microelectronic devices. Nyvia aims to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering to continue her passion for science. Nyvia is a dedicated environmentalist who seeks to protect the planet through scientific solutions. In her free time, Nyvia enjoys knitting and hiking.

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