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Nga Vu

Nga Vu

MIT Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli
Research Supervisor: Alex Hoffman and Xiaochen Du
Undergraduate Institution: Bucknell University
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Website: LinkedIn


Nga (Nerissa) Vu is an international student from Vietnam and a rising junior at Bucknell University majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Her passion lies in using machine learning and computational programming to develop new materials with properties that meet the world’s unmet needs, specifically in pharmaceuticals. Her research at Bucknell was on developing a MATLAB program modeling the kinetic of Secondary Organic Aerosol formed by the oxidation of Monoterpene. In the summer of 2023, Nga worked in Prof. Gomez Bombarelli’s lab to develop a user interface using the Django framework to monitor the output of multiple stages pipeline of high throughput simulations in material discovery. Outside of research and coursework, Nga possesses a passion for community-building, demonstrated through her various leadership roles starting from high school, promoting STEM and Research exposure to individuals and local communities in Vietnam and US.

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