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Muxin Liu

Muxin Liu

MIT Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Jacob Andreas
Research Supervisor: Gabe Grand
Undergraduate Institution: Harvey Mudd College
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Website: LinkedIn


Maxine Liu is a Harvey Mudd College student majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Cognitive Science. She is proficient in web app development, implementing neural networks, and has constructed an innovative proof checker for abstract algebra using domain-specific language. Her project at MSRP delves into the potential of Language Learning Models (LLMs) in program synthesis by interpreting human input and mastering abstraction learning. Fascinated by the nature of intelligence, Maxine engages in multidisciplinary exploration, unifying diverse fields to understand its essence. She’s particularly intrigued by how technology, artificial intelligence, interacts with ethical considerations. She looks forward to further research opportunities, aiming to shape the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognition.

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