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Mohammed Yassen Noureldaiem Eltayeb

Mohammed Yassen Noureldaiem Eltayeb

MIT Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Matthia Kolle
Research Supervisor: Andrew Blair and Ben Miller
Undergraduate Institution: Bunker Hill Community College
Hometown: Sudan
Website: N/A


Mohammed Yassen (preferably Yassen) is a student at Bunker Hill Community College. He is studying to be a mechanical engineer. Yassen is a Sudanese international student who grew up in Bangkok and chose to pursue a career in the United States. Yassen let his curiosity lead him wherever he went and loved helping people along the way. Seeing how grim life can be in Sudan, he decided to find an intersection of his interests in engineering and helping people on a large scale by pursuing things like Clean Energy 4 Africa, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of sustainable energy opportunities in developing countries like Sudan. As a result of assimilating from different cultures, Yassen developed a unique perspective that enabled him to be a global citizen forging his own cultural view in which he can look at problems from multiple angles and sift through multiple solutions.

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