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Mohammed Bah

Mohammed Bah

MIT Department: Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Noah Nathan
Research Supervisor:
Undergraduate Institution: University of Rochester
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Website: LinkedIn


Mohammed W. Bah majored in Political Science at the University of Rochester. With guidance from Prof. Nathan Noah, his research focuses on examining pre-colonial institutional features and their impact on contemporary political and economic development in Africa. Mohammed’s study evaluates widely utilized datasets capturing pre-colonial African polities, specifically in the West African State of Ghana. By enhancing the understanding of pre-colonial institutional features in Ghana, his research aims to shed light on their significance for Africa’s political and economic landscape. Mohammed’s interests extend beyond political science. He is deeply passionate about environmental issues, particularly climate change, sea erosion, and coastal cities’ challenges in adapting to these changes. His research endeavors aim to bridge the gap between political science and environmental studies by exploring the intersection of institutional dynamics, governance, and climate adaptation strategies in coastal regions.

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