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Michael Akinyemi

Michael Akinyemi

MIT Department: Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Brandon Dekosky
Research Supervisor: Shelbe Johnson
Undergraduate Institution: University of Central Florida
Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Website: LinkedIn


Michael is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida studying Biotechnology and Computer Science. He believes that researchers with an in-depth knowledge of both fields will be crucial as more and more advancements are made in both computational power and molecular technologies. Motivated by losing a loved one to an autoimmune disorder, he is determined to contribute to the global efforts of equipping researchers with the necessary tools to combat any disease they encounter. His past research involves generating an optimized cell line to assist researchers in studying potential antibodies for vaccine development. As a McNair Scholar and having faced much discrimination, he wishes to advocate for underrepresented students who have been told that “they don’t belong.” He enjoys game development, biking, and exploring natural landscapes in his free time.

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