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Megan Li

Megan Li

MIT Department: Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Peko Hosoi
Research Supervisor: Aurora Zhang
Undergraduate Institution: Harvey Mudd College
Hometown: Falls Church, Virginia
Website: LinkedIn


Megan is a rising senior at Harvey Mudd College, majoring in Computer Science and Math. She has been involved in undergraduate research since her freshman year, working on projects spanning usable privacy to the virality of misinformation to equity in housing. Her research interests revolve around how computing interfaces with society; she’s especially interested in 1) applying computational methods to societal issues and 2) how we can make computer science more inclusive, considerate, and ethical. After she graduates from Harvey Mudd, she plans to pursue a PhD in Computer Science, adopt a cat, and take a course in ceramics. Her time outside the classroom is spent drawing, swimming, watching wildlife videos, and being with friends.

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