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Matthew Crespo

Matthew Crespo

MIT Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Negar Reiskarimian/ Kevin Chen
Research Supervisor: Quang Phuc N Kieu
Undergraduate Institution: University of Central Florida
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Website: LinkedIn


Matthew Crespo is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida, studying electrical engineering. His interests lie in signal processing and control systems due to their versatility and their critical role in many engineered systems. He has participated in research in various areas, such as mathematical biology, soccer analytics, bio-electronics, laser diode arrays, and micro-robotics. Through these varied experiences, he has gained expertise in Python, soldering, mathematical model, electronic component selection, and Ansys Maxwell. Additionally, he was able to exercise his creativity, communication skills, cooperation skills, and ability to learn new topics in a short time, which are universal skills. Thanks to these varied research experiences, he found his passions. Post-undergraduate education, he plans to pursue a graduate degree in controls to deepen his knowledge in the field and then work at a national lab as a researcher.

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